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How to install an electric kit on a bicycle | Installation dvd cover | Electricbikestop.com

How to install an electric kit on a bike video is also availalbe online at Electricbikestop.com


Switch100 electric scooters (48v 20ah lithium) - NEW!!!

Electric scooter 48v 20ah lithium, 70km range | electricbikestop.com


unusual trike, model no 2riderelectric

Model: 2 rider electric quadracycle
$5200  (non-electric)
$7200 (electric)

buddy tricycle, carries two children in back seat

Model: Buddy Tricycle (for 1 adult & 2 children)
$1035 (electric kit not included)

Tri-RiderR1 tricycle

Model: TriRider R1
TWBents_Cobra unusual bicycle

Model: TBents Cobra

TW-Bents Artifice unusual tricycle

Model: TW-Bents Artifice
$2599 (24 speed)
$3325 (27 speed)

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Electric scooter from HONDA
(New model)

HONDA EH2 48v 500w lithium electric scooter | New model | Electricbikestop.com


Electric tricycle assembly video demo

ELECTRICBIKESTOP based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada specializes in providing alternative electric means of transportation for short distance applications. We sell electric bicycles all year round throughout Canada and the continental US.
Our electric bicycles and bicycle conversion kits meet Transport Canada provincial regulations for power assisted bicycles. Power Assisted bicycles can be operated without registration, insurance and licensing requirements.
They can be parked on the sidewalk in the same way as a normal bike.
Operators must be 16 years of age and wear an approved bicycle helmet.
Increasing numbers of people see electric bicycles as alternative commuter vehicles.
Electric bicycles offer the most economical local transportation means.

Assembly or installation DVDs are included with our most popular electric bicycle models, with more videos coming every month.

New to electric bicycles? Have a lot of questions? See our FAQ electric bikes page


 1. New scooters are under guarantee. Used scooters are in perfect working condition, but are sold as is (no guarantee). Batteries not included with the used scooters. Battery options: 48v 20ah lithium or 48v 12ah SLAs. The wireless electric bicycle is brand new and is given as is (no guarantee). For parts must contact manufacturer.


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